The Beginning Of Our Love Story

The Night Judy and Fred Met

In August of 1975 Fred moved to San Diego courtesy of the U.S. Navy and rented a
​1-bedroom in a 500-unit apartment complex on Hotel Circle South in Mission Valley. After one year, he moved to a 2-bedroom apartment in the back of the complex where he lived for two years. Fred moved out of that apartment in 1978 when he purchased his very first home.

On Saturday evening November 7, 1981 Fred went to a Jewish Singles Mixer Dance in Mission Valley (his first and only time attending) that was advertised in the local “The Reader” newspaper.

Not meeting anyone of interest after a couple of hours Fred was about to leave when he noticed a woman just entering who he was instantly drawn to.

Fred approached her (Judy) and they discovered they had something unbelievable in common.

  • Fred mentioned the apartments he lived in just down the road from 1975-78 and Judy said she had also lived in that complex from 1976-78.
  • Fred said his first apartment overlooked the tennis courts and Judy said hers did also.
  • Fred said his was on the third floor and Judy said so was hers.
  • Fred said his was apartment number B308 and Judy said that had been her apartment number.

It turns out when Fred moved out of his 1-bedroom apartment in 1976 to the
2-bedroom apartment Judy moved into Fred’s 1-bedroom apartment and literally took his name off her mailbox.

Five years later Judy and Fred were meeting for the first time at the Jewish Singles Mixer since by chance they had not met while living at the same apartment complex.

Judy and Fred immediately started dating and were married almost 14 months later by Rabbi Wayne Dosick.

Judy and Fred believe they were truly Bashert (beh shayrt’)

Bashert (or beshert; Yiddishבאַשערט) means “destiny”.  It is often used to refer to one’s divinely foreordained spouse or soulmate, who is called one’s basherte (female) or basherter (male).

​P.S. Judy and Fred learned later these Jewish Singles Mixer Dances were started and organized by Ken Gimbel (Rabbi Jeremy Gimbel’s father) when he moved to San Diego a few years earlier. Thank you Ken!