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Earth as seen from International Space Station

Video by Louis Schwartzberg – truly inspirational

Video on America’s Got Talent
Shadow Theater Group – Week 1 Auditions | Britain’s Got Talent 2013 – Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show Korea’s Got Talent – Light Balance: Ukraine Dancers Light Up The Stage And Earn The Golden Buzzer

Videos from Got Talent – Jaw Harpists

And yes…John Romanishin is from Norman, Oklahoma.

The Oceans as you have never seen them.

Channing Tatum spoofs Jean Claude Van Damme stunt

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Jason Bateman’s Passover Seder

French juggler creates optical illusion

Departing Space Station Commander Provides Tour of Orbital Laboratory

Photo Montages – Temple Adat Shalom Poway 36th anniversary

Videos for Chanukah

Videos for Chanukah by Adam Sandler

Videos for Passover
– Attraction Black Light theatre Silhouettes Passover Pesach in Cancun 2011
– Join Elliot Dvorin, the Key Tov Orchestra and the Chicago Hoop Dancers for this fantastic Passover experience at Daley Plaza in Chicago.
– The Adele/Bieber Passover Mashup

Morphing Famous Faces

A pediatrician shows you how to calm a crying baby
Dr. Hamilton shows how to calm a crying baby. This technique has been utilized by Dr. Bob to quiet infants during office visits.

Le Petit Chef 
​In our newest mapping project, a miniature chef turns your plate into a projected grill.
The world’s smallest chef cooks a typical fish dish, ‘Bouillabaisse’… Bon appétit!

Zootopia Movie Official US Sloth Trailer

Movies Dance Scenes Mashup  (Mark Ronson-Uptown Funk ft.Bruno Mars)

Belly Dancing
​Examples of great body control

The Most Satisfying Video In The World! (Most Oddly Satisfying Videos)
These videos are truly mesmerizing.

Dance that moves me

Life Hacks, Tricks and Experiments 

Smartest Dog You’ve Ever Seen – Australian shepherd – Border Collie MIX 

Animals acting human or just being cute  ​

Burning Man
Enjoy the art and accompanying soundtrack

Like A Boss
I discovered these short YouTube videos that are a compilation of unusual feats and other funny stuff.

The Fruitcake Lady
​ Edna Marie Faulk appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno in December of 2000. She was a regular guest by 2002, and viewers would submit pre-recorded questions for her. She responded with her simple, to-the-point perspective and advice (often peppered with profanity). ​

The Moon
Take a virtual tour of the Moon in all-new 4K resolution, thanks to data provided by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft. As the visualization moves around the near side, far side, north and south poles, we highlight interesting features, sites, and information gathered on the lunar terrain.

​​Alan’s wife Sheila from the movie The Other Guys  ​

Body Paint Illusions

Body Paint Illusions
Mirjana Milosevic is a talented makeup artist from Serbia who creates amazing body paint illusions and is known by the nickname Kika.

Cat Videos – some funny, some cute, some informative.   ​

VidLife Crisis   ​

The Barry Gibb Talk Show: Bee Gees Singers – SNL
Barry Gibb (Jimmy Fallon) and his brother Robin (Justin Timberlake) yells at Al Franken (Jeff Richards), Cruz Bustamante (Horatio Sanz) and Arianna Huffington (Rachel Dratch) about her grating voice. Aired 10/11/03

What’s My Line?
What’s My Line? is a panel game show that originally ran in the United States on the CBS Television Network from 1950 to 1967, with subsequent U.S. revivals.