National Geographic Photo Ark
Saving Species Through The Power Of Photography

The interaction of animals with their environments is the engine that keeps the planet healthy for all of us. But for many species, time is running out. That’s why National Geographic, along with photographer Joel Sartore, is dedicated to finding solutions to save them.
We’re documenting every species in human care to inspire people to care and help protect these animals. Creating intimate portraits of an estimated 15,000 species of birds, fish, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates serves as an important record of each animal’s existence, and a powerful testament to the importance of saving them.
To date, Joel has completed portraits of more than 10,000 species, most photographed on either a plain black or white background. No matter its size, each animal is treated with the same amount of affection and respect. The results are portraits that are not just stunningly beautiful, but also intimate and moving.


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