Girl With No Arms Sings & Plays Piano With Her Feet
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Amazingly Talented Girl leaves the audience and judges in tears on Romania’s Got Talent as she plays piano and sings her heart out winning the golden buzzer! 
​They say that talent knows no boundaries and as we all know, some of the best artists in the world are people with disabilities.

A 14-year old Lorelai Mosnegutu is a girl who was born with no arms, but that did not stop her from stunning the audience of Romania’s Got Talent show. She offered one of the most touching moments that left everyone in tears.

Lorelai was abandoned by her mother immediately after birth. She was raised by a social worker who saw her case on TV and adopted her. She did not speak until she was three and couldn’t walk until four years old. This amazing little girl managed to overcome all of her difficulties and learned to do a lot with her feet.

​Mosnegutu performed a song called ‘A million stars’. It took her just a couple of seconds to impress the audience as well as the judges. One of them was so amazed that she sent her straight to the semi-finals.

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​The Got Talent shows are such great outlets for those who truly deserve their chance to shine.

​Lorelai Mosnegutu might have deserved that chance most of all.

After Lorelai was born, her mother abandoned her when she saw that she had no arms. Then, when a social worker heard about her case, she was so touched that she adopted her herself. Lorelai didn’t speak until she was 3 years old. As you can imagine, growing up so visibly different from others can be tough on a child.

After she started to feel comfortable in her own skin, though, she started to learn how to do just about everything she possibly could with her feet. She now paints, uses a laptop, and even plays the piano with her toes.

When she first took the Romania’s Got Talent stage, the entire mood of the room changed. Folks, judges included, covered their mouths, almost as if they felt sorry for her. The joke was on them, though, because Lorelai is so strong and talented that she doesn’t need anyone to feel sorry for her.

Although this video isn’t in English, you can tell exactly what is happening by reading everyone’s expressions. The moment Lorelai sits in front of her keyboard and opens her mouth, no one can believe what they’re seeing or hearing.

This video really does pull on your heartstrings. This young woman has overcome so much and is making the absolute best out of what she was given. The judges see that and recognize her raw talent, and one even gives her the biggest Got Talent compliment possible: the golden buzzer.