Les Misérables 10th Anniversary Concert
​at the Royal Albert Hall

Conductor: David Charles Abell    Orchestra: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Bring Him Home – Colm Wilkinson (Valjean)

Come To Me/Fantine’s Death – Ruthie Hensall (Fantine) – and Colm Wilkinson

Bring Him Home

​​God on high

Hear my prayer
In my need
You have always been there

He is young
He’s afraid
Let him rest
Heaven blessed.
Bring him home
Bring him home
Bring him home.

He’s like the son I might have known
If God had granted me a son.
The summers die
One by one
How soon they fly
On and on
And I am old
And will be gone.

Bring him peace
Bring him joy
He is young
He is only a boy

You can take
You can give
Let him be
Let him live
If I die, let me die
Let him live
Bring him home
Bring him home
Bring him home.

Come To Me
[Fantine is lying in a hospital bed, deliriously dreaming of her daughter Cosette.]

Fantine –
Cosette, it’s turned so cold
Cosette, it’s past your bedtime
You’ve played the day away
And soon it will be night.
Come to me, Cosette, the light is fading
Don’t you see the evening star appearing?
Come to me, and rest against my shoulder
How fast the minutes fly away and every minute colder.
Hurry near, another day is dying
Don’t you hear, the winter wind is crying?
There’s a darkness which comes without a warning
But I will sing you lullabies and wake you in the morning.

[Valjean enters.]
Valjean –
Oh, Fantine, our time is running out
But Fantine, I swear this on my life

Fantine – Look, Monsineur, where all the children play
Valjean – Be at peace, be at peace evermore.
Fantine – My Cosette…
Valjean – Shall live in my protection
Fantine – Take her now
Valjean- Your child will want for nothing
Fantine – Good Monsieur, you come from God in Heaven.

Valjean –
And none will ever harm Cosette
As long as I am living.

Fantine –
Take my hand,
The night grows even colder.

Valjean – Then I will keep you warm.
Fantine – Take my child, I give her to your keeping.
Valjean – Take shelter from the storm

Fantine –
For God’s sake, please stay till I am sleeping
And tell Cosette I love her
And I’ll see her when I wake…
[She dies with a smile.]