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Diva Plavalaguna The Fifth Element

“This Voice” Belongs to an Albanian opera singer named Inva Mula Tchako. XD And the title of this aria or peace she is singing is called Il Dolce Suono. They ONLY edited the part where the pitches changes (towards the end, because a human voice can’t change pitches that fast). But those high notes you’re hearing are definitely reachable for soprano singers like Inva! 😛 Maïwenn the actress only lip synced it!

We only catch glimpses of it in the film, but here you can watch French actress Maïwenn Besco’s entire green screen rendition of the Diva Dance Opera performance from The Fifth Element, in all its arm-flapping glory.

The song Plava Laguna sang in “Fifth Element” live!
Little girl with amazing voice!  no Computer FXs!

 Performed on “The Voice” Contest for Kids in Ukraine

Fifth Element Diva song – full version