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Attraction Black Light theatre Silhouettes Passover Pesach in Cancun 2011

Unique shadow performance at the event of Pesach in Cancun 2011
This is a special performance for Pesach about the story of EXODUS.
This is an official video of the live performance.

Passover Songs Mashup – Dance Spectacular! – Elliot Dvorin | Key Tov Orchestra

Join Elliot Dvorin, the Key Tov Orchestra and the Chicago Hoop Dancers for this fantastic Passover experience at Daley Plaza in Chicago. The songs take you straight through the Passover Seder from “Let my people go” straight to the “Ma Nishtana” and on to “Avadim Hayinu”, “Dayeinu” and “Chad Gadya”. In a period when oodles of new songs are being written about our ancient traditions, these are the songs that the Jewish People have taken with them over the ages with unparalleled nostalgia and connection to Jewish tradition.
Just lean back, and let the tunes and words that have been sung at the holiday seder for centuries sink in. This is a fun, enjoyable, and memory inspiring experience.

The Adele/Bieber Passover Mashup